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Handling Smoke Damage after a Fire 


Getting Soot and Smoke Out

You may be anxious to clean your home after a fire, but unless you

take the time to get professional advice, you may be wasting your

efforts or creating further damage. Contact your insurance agency

immediately once the fire is out. He or she can provide advice on

restoration or replacement of damaged items. If you rent, notify the

owner so both of you can assess the damage.


Your insurance agent may be able to recommend a professional

fire restorer like us. We can provide hints to prevent further

damage, help determine which items can or cannot be refurbished,

and provide estimates and services for thoroughly cleaning and

deodorizing your home. Their services can be expensive, but the

cost may be substantially less than the cost of replacing damaged

furnishings and floors. You can find the names of fire restorers in

the yellow pages of the phone directory under “Carpet and

Upholstery Cleaners” or “Fire and Water Damage Restoration.”


Preventing Further Damage


Even if you don't hire a professional fire restorer, you can

minimize further damage by following these guidelines. Be sure

you have permission from your fire marshal to safely re-enter your

home before doing so.

Get the air moving. Open windows to ventilate areas. Install a fan

to circulate air. Note: if there has been substantial water damage

and the weather is warm, you will probably need to keep the

windows shut and run a dehumidifier. In cold weather, your

heating system is operating and the cold air will usually help

remove the moisture. In this case, change your furnace filter daily

until it shows no soot.

Dry wet items as soon as possible. Use fans and dehumidifiers to

dry carpets and draperies. If not thoroughly dried, carpets and

floors underneath may be quickly damaged beyond repair by mold

and mildew.

Remove brass and copper items and clean them using brass or

copper cleaner (smoke can etch brass or copper in 24 hours).

Place aluminum foil or plastic food wrap under furniture legs.

Remove oriental rugs or other colored rugs from wet wall-to-wall


Cover dry, clean items with plastic while repairs are in progress.


Seems like too much work?


Other than cleaning the entire house also comes the cleaning and smoke smell off your heating and air conditioning system.

That is a job for a professional! It can take as long as a day and half to do the entire homes system.


Air ducts have to be cleaned from dust, debris through out all the air ducts, registers, returns as well as the Main unit it self.


Coils, blower, drip pan and other components have to be cleaned from dust and sprayed with a cleaning solution to remove all smoke and any odors.

Air ducts sheet metal ducts work are a bit easier to get to and have blushes and solution sprayers to get to. Normally found in older homes. But when it

comes to flexible air ducts! Well, that's a job and a half. But we can do it! We have state of the art equipment and certified technicians that are solely trained

to do just that! We have inspection cameras that we can run through your entire air duct system for you to see what's lurking inside those air ducts.


What ever is in there, we breath it all in. Even if you never had a fire, You should always clean them before you fire them up to heat your home in the winter

and or to cool your home in the summer. 


Did you just buy a home? Did a smoker live there? If you only knew how ther entire system and home can retain that smokers smells and residue.
















































Call us for a free no obligation estimate. We are confident we can solve any problem and help you and your family breath in a healthier environment.


Call us Toll Free at 844 - 200 PRO'S (7767)



If a smoker lived in your home and you sprayed the walls with Windex alone, This dripping is what you would have!

This would be your rag!













The same gunk would be in your entire air duct system! Including

the blower, drip pan, coils and anywhere the air passes through!


But we can help!

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